The app had already gained a lot of traction and some off the power users where constantly asking for new features to 'make the app better' for them. The product team (2 back-end and 2 front-end devs, 1 product manager and 1 CTO) decided to put these features in the settings menu.
The settings menu expanded rapidly, making it hard for the users to find what they needed.


Reduce the amount of settings without disappointing our (advanced) users:

Settings that came directly from the product team and were rarely used: remove (x) 
Group settings that are related.
add-ons vs. settings

Without having to remove all the settings we created a new structure: 
Our power users could could customize the app by choosing their favorite 'add-on' and install it.

Basic settings where placed under the 'options' menu in the top corner.
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